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Wide Variety of Clients

With the wide variety of clients we serve, RHP Industries is proud to introduce to you some of the work we have performed. Transforming customer's ideas into reality has been a pleasurable task. We welcome your comments and questions for each category and look forward to serving you in the future.

Consumer Products

Promotional Products

Kernerica LLC’s passion to identify and leverage marketing opportunities in the sports and entertainment marketplace was the starting position of a new collectible premium product. Taking the bobble head figurine to the next level and fashioning the product around professional sporting franchises to appeal to both children and adults, RHP Industries produced numerous product concepts, renderings and prototypes for baseball, football, racing, basketball and hockey. The baseline chassis assembly was formed to allow a variety of car bodies to join for a highly flexible, low cost and speedy introduction of each sport. Each sport offers a complete customized solution of team colors, sponsors logo placement and player figure as the driver of the Funkiride. Production roll-out occured over two seasons and new customized opportunities and solutions are continuously being discovered.

New Britian Rock Cats
NHL Concept Sketch
NFL Concept Sketch
Pre Production Aseembly MLB
Pre Production Chasis Assembly
NBA Concept Design Rendering

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