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Wide Variety of Clients

With the wide variety of clients we serve, RHP Industries is proud to introduce to you some of the work we have performed. Transforming customer's ideas into reality has been a pleasurable task. We welcome your comments and questions for each category and look forward to serving you in the future.

Consumer Products

Medical Products

TAP-II is a custom-made two-piece adjustable oral appliance that snaps firmly over the upper and lower teeth and is worn while sleeping. The appliance holds the lower jaw forward preventing the tongue and soft tissue of the throat from collapsing into the airway and alleviates snoring and sleep apnea. It allows the patient to adjust the degree to which the mandible is held forward, simultaneously allowing maximum comfort and effectiveness. The TAP product family was originally developed in 1994. The base and hook features of the assembly were re-designed resulting in the creation of the TAP II to eliminate the protruding front assembly, allow for more tongue space while being less visible in use, easier adjustment mechanisms and provides a more simplistic means of coupling the upper and lower mandible.

Preliminary Concept Rendering
Tap-II Assembly
Tap-II Assembly Model
Tap-II Hook & Socket Assembly
Preliminary Concept Design

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