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Wide Variety of Clients

With the wide variety of clients we serve, RHP Industries is proud to introduce to you some of the work we have performed. Transforming customer's ideas into reality has been a pleasurable task. We welcome your comments and questions for each category and look forward to serving you in the future.

Consumer Products

Commercial & Industrial Products

RHP Industries assisted VConex in producing the initial concept housing design, prototype construction and design iterations to ultimately release the assembly for production tooling and integration. VConex’s 10.4” SVGA TFT LCD compact flash player provides a neatly packaged high definition retail signage solution by using a compact flash interface for video playback. The proprietary embedded player supports playback of MPEG streams with audio and JPEG snapshots directly from the compact flash module to the LCD. The user can create sequences of video clips and snapshots with multiple files on the compact flash for automatic snapshot and video playback sequencing. Interactive viewing can be achieved with the addition of an optional touch screen solution. Production tooling and integration was completed and the product has been introduced through a variety of retail outlets.

Foot Component Detail
Bezel Assembly Components
LCD Display Rear View
LCD Display Front View
LCD Display Side View
LCD Display Front View 2

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